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The good news is that kids have more help than they did a decade ago thanks to the ever-expanding Internet.


At 21, B.J. Pinchbeck may be a little old for homework help, but for the last decade he's devoted a lot of time helping students with their take-home assignments. When he was only 9-years-old, he started his own website bjpinchbeck.com.

"There was no good resource out there to really find your answers quickly, so as I started collecting my own links and bookmarks we decided why not just start up a site with others to help kids can get their answers quickly," B.J. said.

And the free site quickly grew. It has gotten national and international recognition because it offers so many links to so many different subjects. Click on a subject like math and that subject is broken down even more to direct you to sites that will help you with algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and others.

LINK: http://www.BJPinchbeck.com


You also may want to log onto homeworkspot.com. This site not only acts as an online tutor, but it has links to practice SATs and has a reference section where you can ask experts questions. HomeworkSpot.com also features a powerful reference center that provides free, immediate access to many of the world's best libraries, museums, and current event sources.

LINK: http://www.homeworkspot.com Homeworkhelp.com

If you're willing to spend a few bucks, try homeworkhelp.com. This site offers services and software downloads that will help students use the Internet as their own personal tutor. When students have questions and need help, they can receive guidance instantly on the web. The site has a link where you can use a free one week pass to try it out.

LINK: http://www.homeworkhelp.com


The idea behind brainmass.com? To supplement students' education by offering them online teaching assistants. You can also submit your essays or written assignments so the online TAs can review them before you hand them in for a grade. But keep in mind those services are not free.

LINK: http://www.brainmass.com

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