Mrs. Fixit: Rakes

Septemeber 13, 2008

For large scale grass or leaf raking you'll want a leaf rake. Its flexible tines stretch across the rake forming a "v" or a fan. The flexibility of this rake is key in removing the clippings and debris without harming the lawn.

Next, the garden rake: this sturdy, rigid tined rake is just what you need for clearing debris from a garden bed and for working the soil before you plant. you can also flip it over and use it's flat top for evening out a bed before planting.

A thatch rake is a two-sided tool. Use one side for loosening the soil. flip the rake over to lift up the thatch and remove the dead grass from your yard, this will allow air and water to get to the roots. It will make a mess of your lawn initially but make it healthier in the long run.

Finally, a landscape rake its great to spread and smooth ground covering material like mulch, sand and gravel. These rakes are lightweight and reduce fatigue while you're working.

A tip worth repeating to save your hands from blisters: just slip some foam pipe insulation over the handle of your rake. I'm Mrs Fixit and it's just that simple.

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