Expanding Saving with 6abc!

September 14, 2008

Action News started "Saving with 6abc" back in March. Since then, we've shown our viewers how to save hundreds and hundreds of dollars on all kinds of things like beauty services, school supplies, transportation, utilities, electronics, and food.

But now we're really going to ramp up "Saving with 6abc" with more stories than ever before and with a newly designed web page headed up by Action News reporter, Amy Buckman.

"I love finding bargains and I love telling other people when I've found bargains," Amy said.

Many websites and circulars offer deals, sales, and coupon codes but few people have the time to hunt through them all. So Amy is going to scour them for you to find the BEST bargains and put them in one place on 6abc.com.

"We're going to summarize the best deals that are in the weekly circulars from the grocery stores and other retail stores. We're going to have coupons, links to coupons, and coupon codes so you can get even more money off that other people may not know about," Amy explained.

You'll also be able to locate the cheapest gas in your area! And here's one of our favorite parts: we want you to share your own money-saving ideas by posting them on the "6abc Share a Bargain" message board!

"So we're really looking for people to get involved and take ownership of this on their own. It's not just us but it's the entire Delaware Valley and the Lehigh Valley," said Corey Herman, 6abc web producer.

So on the new "Saving with 6abc" page, you can see everyone else's ideas and all the unique money-saving ideas we've told you about in the past. Plus, you can now access "Saving with 6abc" on your cell phone or PDA.

"So you'll be able to cruise this content while you're out shopping," Corey explained. "So that with one click on Saving with 6abc.com, you've got all the information at your fingertips."

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