NFL will look into changing fumble rule

September 15, 2008 12:45:16 PM PDT
The NFL will look into the inadvertent whistle rule that required officials to give the ball back to Denver in the final seconds of Sunday's game with San Diego. The Broncos took advantage of the rule to score the winning points in the final minute. League spokesman Greg Aiello (eye-EHL'-oh) said the NFL competition committee will look into the rule in the offseason, perhaps changing it as it did the "down by contact" rule.

Denver quarterback Jay Cutler had the ball slip out of his hands as he was attempting to pass and it was picked up by San Diego's Tim Dobbins. Referee Ed Hochuli (HA'-kyoo-lee) whistled the play dead, ruling an incomplete pass. Replay showed it was a fumble, but because Hochuli had blown his whistle, killing the play, the ball was given back to the Broncos at the spot of the fumble.

Denver scored two plays later and a two-point conversion gave them the win.