France's first lady sings live on BBC

LONDON (AP) - September 17, 2008

But in London on Tuesday night, France's first lady appeared on a different kind of stage, this time with rock royalty - the Kings of Leon and Metallica.

Introduced simply as Carla Bruni, she sang live on the British Broadcasting Corp. television program "Later Live ... With Jools Holland" and was interviewed by the pianist.

Sitting at a grand piano, Bruni-Sarkozy was asked how she managed to balance her work as a musician with her duties as France's first lady.

"I don't really mix them up. I separate them. I play my music and then I go with my husband when he needs me," the former model said. "He's not really a critic, or a fan, but he's involved in my music.

"I play at home, and I disturb him with it in the middle of the night," Bruni-Sarkozy said. "He's really kind and listens to all my doubts." During Metallica's performance, Bruni-Sarkozy "tapped her foot and clapped," the BBC reported.

Bruni-Sarkozy's new album, "Comme si de rien n'etait (As if nothing had happened)," was released in July. It went to the top of the charts in France.

She played "Tu es ma came," which she translated as "You're my junk, you're my type, you're my cup of tea." She described it as a song about being addicted to someone in a "toxic way, and in a lovely way."

Holland asked Bruni-Sarkozy if she had been in that situation, to which she replied, "Yes, indeed. Have you?"

Holland responded: "I am now."
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