New toll laws in Delaware

NEW CASTLE, Del. - September 17, 2008 "It's costing tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year," PJ Wilkins of DelDOT said.

Wilkins is talking about unpaid tolls. The Delaware Memorial Bridge alone is owed $750,000.

"Most of us want to pay our tolls and we're law abiding people, but there's always a few who feel they can get away with it," Wilkins said.

Police are now given the power to impound a drivers wheels on the spot if records show $1,000 or more is owed in unpaid tolls for I-95, the Delaware Memorial Bridge, and the Route 1 bypass in Dover.

"The law is the law. That's all I have to say, if there's a law I'm going to try to follow it so I don't get fined or any of those things happen to me," Cody Whittaker of Wilmington said.

"I think if you're going to use the service, you should pay and if you chronically don't pay it, that's going to increase the tolls for other motorists and that's not fair," Conrad Blease of Philadelphia said.

"To do that, impound a car without further investigation, I think would not be justice," Calvin Marshall of New Castle said.

But with cameras recording a vehicle's every move at toll plazas, PJ Wilkins says it's time for police to target toll cheats

"We had a school teacher who worked down the road in Elkton, Maryland, for about a 2 year period was violating almost everyday and we literally sent hundreds of notices for close to 300 toll violations and he ignored them all," Wilkins said.

That teacher learned his lesson the hard way. His wages were garnished, but that was before this new law took effect.

Remember from now on, if you are using the tolls the Delaware, your car could be impounded if you don't pay.

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