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HUNTING PARK - September 17, 2008 There was no answer at a row home that showed a sign 'Beware of Dogs." The SPCA says to beware of what was happening to dogs seized from inside the home; some dogs were showing signs of fighting.

"The animals were all sick. He was selling these animals for a profit; this is a typical, backyard puppy mill," George Bangle of PSPCA Chief of Enforcement said.

Authorities are saying it's an open case and still have not named the dogs' owner. They say he is making himself scarce, but has been charged at least once before.

Compared to puppy mills in rural areas which might have hundreds of dogs, row home operations are small in comparison.

Investigators say the bottom line is still to make quick cash; one puppy can sell for $500 to those who fight dogs.

"The whole thing is run off of money, not so much the love and care. Everything is merchandise, to be used, to make money," Wayne Smith of the PSCPA Enforcement Agent.

People see puppies in a case like this, there are 15 in this case, and call immediately to adopt them. The SPCA has plenty of dogs to adopt, but not these little guys, not now.

First, they still need medical care, but also they are in effect wards of the system, as all the dogs seized still legally belong to the owner.

"It's an open investigation. The dogs are in our protective custody until they're either surrendered to us or until there is a court date and there's a decision made," Heather Redfern of the PSPCA said.

The SPCA now has started a fund to help underwrite its cruelty investigations.

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