Tips on updating your clothes for fall on a budget

Broomall, Pa. - Sept. 26, 2008

Off-price retailer T.J. Maxx brought style expert Allison Deyette into their Broomall store for us to share her tips on how to get the most bang for your buck when you're shopping for fall.

Deyette says $150 can go far, if you use it to buy accessories to update the clothes you already have.

She advises going through your closet as a first step. Try on all of your clothes and divide them into three categories -- keep, donate and trash.

Then, inventory the clothes that you're keeping and try to think about new ways of putting them together. Use suits as separates, mixing and matching pants or skirts and blazers.

Once you've done that, it's time to go shopping for those few accessories that will make those clothes look new and trendy.

For this fall, she suggests colorful belts and purses, which can add a splash of color and work with many different pieces. She says belts can work over dresses, skirts, sweaters, even coats.

She also suggests buying a new pair of shoes. She likes classic pumps -- but with a twist. Grey instead of black, or shoes with peep-toes. And, she adds, peep-toes can be worn even in winter, with opaque tights.

For our $150 shopping spree, Alison added a $17 belt, a $28 purse and $40 shoes to a $40 dress. She even had money left over for costume jewelry or tights


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