Katie Holmes starts starts her Broadway show.

NEW YORK- September 19, 2008

Nearly 100 people lined up outside the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre last night an hour before show time.

They were there to see Katie Holmes appear for her first time on Broadway.

It was a preview performance of "All My Sons."

Along with fans, there were roughly 30 Scientology protesters who stood behind a barricade, loudly chanting.

Moments before the curtain went up, Tom Cruise entered the theater. He mingled and shook hands with some other theater-goers who took photos and clapped.

He then hugged Dustin Hoffman, who was sitting a couple rows away. That drew another cheer inside the theater.

Along with Katie Holmes, "All My Sons" also stars John Lithgow, Dianne Wiest and Patrick Wilson.

The play officially opens October 16th.

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