Possibly more voyeurism victims

NORRISTOWN, Pa. - September 22, 2008 - On Monday more people came forward, worried they too were videotaped.

The D.A. says there may be hundreds of victims.

Already, 45 year old Thomas Daley is facing thousands of charges. He's confessed to spying for the past 20 years.

It came to an end last Thursday when a woman asked her boyfriend to change a light bulb in the bathroom. The boyfriend found a hidden camera behind the mirror.

They called police, and a further search uncovered more cameras in the bathroom, the bedroom, and living room that were activated by light switches.

In all they found 12 cameras in three more apartments Daley owns. More were found in two other buildings on the other side of town.

The cameras were hooked up to the internet, and Daley was able to watch online at his home in Phoenixville.

When police searched his home in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania they found hundreds of videotapes and DVD's of naked women.

Police say the women were all tenants in his apartments.

The victims are not commenting, but the D.A. says they feel horribly violated.

"They just never knew when they were being watched, they don't know what's on tape, what's been captured, and it's really troubling to them," said Montgomery County D.A. Risa Ferman.

Daley is being held on a million dollars cash bail.

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