Reaction from voyeurism victim

NORRISTOWN, Pa. - September 22, 2008 - After breaking the story Friday night, Action News has learned 45-year-old Thomas Daley is facing thousands of charges. Authorities say Daley confessed to spying on hundreds of his female tenants over 20 years.

It came to an end last Thursday when a woman asked her boyfriend to change a light bulb in the bathroom. The boyfriend found a hidden camera behind the mirror.

They called police, and a further search uncovered more cameras in the bathroom, the bedroom, and living room that were activated by light switches.

In all, police say Daley wired 7 of the 12 apartments he owns with sophisticated electronic devices.

The cameras were hooked up to the internet, and Daley was able to watch online at his home in Phoenixville.

When police searched his home, they found hundreds of videotapes and DVD's of naked women.

Police say the women were all tenants in his apartments.

On Monday night, Action News was able to catch up with one of the victims, who was shocked when authorities told her what they found in her apartment: 6 tiny cameras recording every one of her private moments.

"I don't know if there is a word... Violated, humiliated, I don't want to say it's equivalent to being raped, but it's almost like being raped," said tenant Erin Melville.

There was another camera in her living room, and three more in her bathroom: One in the towel rack, another under the vanity, and even one in her bathtub.

"I was here for a year and a half and for the entire year and a half everything that I've done has been on video," Melville said.

For Melville, it's been very tough trying to deal with it all.

"I stayed at home last night, just laying in my bed and visualizing the things that he saw, it was pretty bad," she said.

Scott Black, who owns "The Spy Shop" in Ardmore says it's easier than you think to disguise cameras as everything from smoke detectors, can openers, portable radios and even an alarm clock.

However, there is a device on the market that can detect if you're being spied on. It sends out pulse of light that vibrates the sensor on the camera.

The devices are not cheap. They run upwards of $200.

Daley is facing thousands of charges, and remains in Montgomery County Prison, after being unable to post $1 million bail.

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