Stormy day at the shore

LONGPORT, N.J. - September 25, 2008 - The lure of those mighty waves drew some visitors, even those that have lived there for years.

"It's all part of living here, it's the excitment!" said Eleanor Mooney of Linwood, New Jersey. "My husband and I come as soon as we hear it's a big storm because it's so exciting. I come to this spot because of the wind and the rain!"

Bob Subranni, who lives along the water in the summertime says the beautiful view is worth the fact that he's had to replace his garage door three times. It speaks to the power of the waves that move some of the loose rocks from the seawall nearby.

"The wave action hitting the rocks, it's an amazing thing to see. Nature is the boss, it lets us know every now and then!" Subranni said.

The real show came late in the day in Longport when the whipped up waves and sand combined to make a kind of ocean smoothie creeping up like the blob.

Officials are not expecting significant damage from the storm. However, there is always a risk of beach erosion from the stiff winds and high tides.

There may also be tidal flooding present in low-lying areas, which almost always comes from the back bays.

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