Mrs. Fixit: Glue Guide

Septemeber 28, 2008 Whether you're working on a craft project or you need to repair a hem and can't sew, fabric glue is the ticket.

It joins fabric and, once it's dry (usually with in twenty-four hours) it's completely flexible and machine washable.

A hot glue gun is a great tool to have in your toolbox.

Its instant bond gives you lots of uses. Try it for everything from attaching upholstery trim to holding molding on the wall so you can nail it without it slipping!

Wood glue is designed to hold wood tightly, to stand up to sanding and cutting and still be stained or painted.

If you've broken some glass or china, go for specialty cement. These glues are designed to stick to the lightly porous items and hold them firm. Use tape to hold your item together while it dries. After it's set, the glue is non-toxic and can go through the dishwasher.

Instant glue is one where a little goes a long way, but it's an instant bond that works everything from plastic to metal.

Epoxy is essentially the strongest glue you can buy. It's a two part formula that once mixed together needs to be used relatively quickly and takes a while to cure, but will hold together like nothing else.

That's your guide to glue! I'm Mrs. Fixit, and it's just that simple!

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