Right Now On The Net 10/1/08

October 1, 2008 Mega-sized glossary

Between Internet jargon and the ever-evolving urban dictionary, it may be more convenient to have a one-stop shop on your favorites icon so you can keep up with the ever-changing language.

It is called metaglossery.com and it's got some mega power when it comes to helping you find definitions of words, terms, phrases and even old clichés.

We even typed in Action News and a definition popped up. Metaglossary not only gives you exact definitions, but it provides you with the history of a word, object or place.

LINK: http://www.metaglossery.com

Real reviews from real people

Whether you need a review of laundry detergent or the newest laptop on the market, Expotv.com is for you. This site is packed with videotaped reviews on virtually any product you can think of. The videos are posted by everyday consumers, just like you. There are no so-called experts and the site claims all the reviews are unbiased. There's also a section of the website called press pass that takes you right to the tradeshow floor.

LINK: http://www.Expotv.com

A plus advantage

So we're a good month into the school year and although we've offered you dozens of sites for homework help...this educational site is a little more specific. It's called chem4kids.com.

It is everything chemistry for elementary and junior high students. It simplifies a rather challenging subject offering you the basics as a building block for more challenging courses as kids move up in grades. The large font, large spaces, and cartoon graphics all make the site interesting for younger viewers.

LINK: http://www.chem4kids.com

Personal planetarium search engine

Talk about a creative way to design a search engine. This may look like a virtual planetarium, but it's actually a way to search flickr photos. Taggalaxy.com gives you a 3D representation of the solar system. The sun represents a keyword. The related words are the planets. By clicking on one of the planets you can combine keywords for a more precise search result. The visual outcome? Pretty amazing, it's a sphere covered with images. You can drag your mouse to spin the sphere in any direction...then with the click of a mouse, enlarge the pictures, sit back and enjoy.

LINK: http://www.taggalaxy.com

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