Old computer = hazardous waste

October 2, 2008 4:47:51 AM PDT
Some say an old computer can become a toxic time bomb - if not disposed of properly. A local company makes getting rid of the thing easy and safe.Miles Technologies is a computer services firm at Route 38 and Pleasant Valley Drive in Moorestown, New Jersey. It sells computers and offers programming and service.

Since June, Miles Tech has been offering computer recycling to the general public. There's a $5 charge if you need to recycle a monitor, because that is what a disposal firm charges them. It also charges $5 if you need to erase the hard drive so no oone can access your data.

Miles Tech accepts computers for recycling weekdays from 8 a-m to 5 p-m. Everything is kept in a locked container to prevent scavenging.

For information, you can phone them at 856-439-0999, or access their website: www.milestechnologies.com. Click on the green "computer recycling" icon.