Students attend Drexel career fair

October 2, 2008 Given the radioactive economy, you'd think there'd be no cheer at today's job fair at Drexel. But the students, suited up and resumes in hand, were all smiles.

"Drexel is a great institution and I have no doubt in my mind that most of us will get a good job," senior Omar Laalej said.

He's not being delusional. In fact, a tour of the room felt like a visit to a parallel universe, one with a budget surplus and a booming economy.

"Four years ago, I was probably hiring about 40 people, this year I'm hiring 240," David Huddleston of PNC Bank said.

"Our company continues to grow and we can't keep up with the people that we're using to build the projects we're building," Bob McIntyre of Stone Hill Contracting.

"We're always looking for new people, fresh ideas," Tiffany Haskins of Accenture said.

Drexel officials were stunned that their job fair didn't take even a tiny hit.

"Here, at the career fair we've been sold out for a month and that held, none of the companies backed out and indicated that didn't want to come," Peter Franks, Vice Provost of Drexel said.

Organizers say there is one way they can see the effects of the economic implosion, they're expecting a higher than usual number of alumni jobseekers, people who have already lost a job or are expecting a pink slip.

"We're beginning to see alumni come back for our workshops, in terms of resume enhancements and preparing for interviewing," Franks said.

Part of why the seniors are so peppy is they know they have something that makes them more attractive than those unlucky alums.

"Students they can pay a lot less, straight out of college," senior Zachary Smith said.

Also, many of these young people have a plan B and persistence.

Senior Mariya Kunets insists she will be a portfolio manager at a major investment bank one day, even if it takes a five to ten year detour through accounting to get there.

"It's pretty scary, but I don't give up. I'm going to get it," Kunets said.

Now that's a campus rally.

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