Alleged peeping tom returns to court

NORRISTOWN, Pa. - October 3, 2008 Thomas Daley was brought back to court to face for more charges of videotaping tenants in three Norristown apartment buildings he owns. Authorities now allege 34 tenants were taped over the last 20 years.

Today, the DA showcased the equipment 45-year-old Daley allegedly installed in tenants bedrooms, bathroom and living rooms to spy on them.

32 pinhole size cameras were hidden in screw holes on ceiling fans, faucets, and doorbell boxes. They were attached to wires that lead to VHS, DVD, and later DVR recorders that Daley could allegedly view and control from his computer at home.

Thousands of hours of recordings of the victims that were found in Daley's home.

"You can call it a lot of things. You can call it a sickness. You can call it an obsession, but it's criminal," Montgomery County D.A. Risa Vetri Ferman said.

Upon seeing themselves on tape, Victims have reportedly been mortified.

"They feel completely violated, embarrassed, they feel ashamed, although they have nothing to be ashamed about. They're just mortified over fact that inside the privacy of their own homes, when they felt safe and comfortable they were being watched," Ferman said.

Last week Daley confessed exclusively to Action News.

Today, he hid his face, but told the court he would waive a preliminary hearing where the victims would have had to testify. His attorney says he's remorseful.

'If I had a crystal ball, I could see a guilty plea down the road, yes," defense attorney Tim Woodward said.

A guilty plea would not only prevent a trial, saving the county time and money, but it would mean the tapes of victims would not have to be played publicly in court.

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