Teaching financial literacy

WILMINGTON, Del. - October 6, 2008 - They're enrolled in a new program called "Dollar Wise," which is designed to get everyone thinking about their finances.

At Howard High School's "Academy of Finance," students are taught to watch their wallets and Wall Street.

"We talk about it every single day, how money's important and saving is very, very important," said 11th grader Valanie Aiken.

Timothy Johnson teachers his students to save, and invest. It's a tough lesson to teach on days like today when the stock market took another nosedive. But, he adds, it's also an opportunity.

"It might be another decade before we see something like this, so it's a great learning experience and I think kids are learning so much from this," Johnson said.

Students dropped a symbolic coin into a bank to kick off "Dollar Wise." The free program is designed to teach the public about basic banking, saving and investing. For students that may not mean buying everything they want right away.

"Right now you see the big picture and you see what you want right at the moment, but if you can put it off for a little while do that, because in the long term it will definitely pay off," said 11th grader Ebony Peterson.

The "Dollar Wise" program will begin next month. To sign up, contact:

Wilmington Urban League
(302) 622-4300
or visit their website.

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