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What's my age again?

Whether it's a nip, a tuck, or just some strategically applied make-up, these days, guessing a person's age can prove to be challenging. That's exactly what makes this site so much fun.

Next to every picture on ageproject.specialsnowflake.com, the caption says "how old do you think I am?". Now in any normal social situation this is a dangerous question to ask and an even more dangerous question to answer. But since the web tends to disregard social etiquette---this game seems to make perfect sense. People upload their picture and YOU guess their age. After you enter your response, the site tells you the person's actual age (at least the one they submit) and what the average guess was. Some of the pictures can be pretty deceiving.

LINK: http://ageproject.specialsnowflake.com

Ask more!

This week ask.com is encouraging you to ask even more. The popular website has re-vamped and upgraded the site this week. It now has more relevant answers as a part of a new advanced semantic search technology. Download speed have also increased by 30 percent from last year. You can also now search for things like local TV schedules, concert and event info, health inquiries and jobs.

LINK: http://www.ask.com

Everyone is kung fu fighting!

If you're still waiting for the candidates to take their gloves off this election, your wait is over. In fact, they're not just taking their gloves off in this game; they're taking OUT their kung-fu fighting skills. Whether it's an Obama -Cindy match up or a Palin-Michelle face off----the action is a little livelier than what you see during the debates. Kungfuelection.com gives new meaning to the phrase battle for the White House. We want to warn you though, it can get a little graphic so we advise that we keep this website for adults.

LINK: http://www.kungfuelection.com

Musicians Rights

Some well-known artists have launched as a part of their campaign for the protection of performers' and musicians' rights. The Coalition's goal is to give artists the voice they need to argue for greater control over their music. The Verve, Radiohead, Iron Maiden and Robbie Williams among others are all a part of the fight and you can go to featuredartistscoalition.com

LINK: http://www.featuredartistcoalition.com

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