Game of the Week 8: Zero Means Everything

October 12, 2008 1492.

This is a number that has meaning.

Just think about. It is just a random number, but just the pronunciation of it elicits a unanimous response, a universal understanding, a total comprehension.

It may just be four different numbers, but when put in that order, it means something- discovery, the New World, Columbus.

How about this number?


What does this number mean?

This number is not as matter-of-fact as 1492.

The number 0 can mean something different to each person, or, in this case, each team.

To the Marple-Newtown Tigers, the number 0 means retribution; vengeance to correct a wrong still stinging from a year ago.

The Tigers went into last year's game with Ridley with their 2005 win still fresh in their minds, however, Ridley not only repeated their 2006 win over MN, but shut them out, 28-0.

What does 0 mean to Ridley?

To the Ridley Raiders, the number 0 means supremacy; prominence among all other teams in the conference, in the league, in the division.

The Raiders procured their 0 loss record last year throughout their entire regular season and all the way up to their postseason PIAA final loss to Parkland.

They carried their proud 0 trophy this year, passing other teams with impressiveness, as they kept all opposition to one digit or to their favorite number 0.

However, they were not able to bypass Penncrest, as the Lions downed the Raiders 26-19 last week.

So what does 0 now mean to the Raiders? It means the number of games they want to lose from here on out.

In a world, where meaning is a subjective agreement among the masses, 0 may seem to be a number without merit, without necessity, without anything.

But for this Game of the Week – 0 means everything.

The Raiders are ready to get back on their familiar winning streak.

The Tigers are ready to make up for yesteryear's loss.

Both teams are ready to seize the moment.

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