Gas for less than $2.75

HAMILTON, N.J. - October 13, 2008 - Action News found an area with dramatically lower prices along the White Horse Pike from Lawnside to Somerdale, New Jersey.

"It's great, actually I'm very excited about it," said Mary Ottavio of Pine Hill, New Jersey. "It usually costs me ten dollars more to fill it. Today I saved ten dollars."

From the Lukoil in Lawnside to the Speed Gas in Somerdale, drivers are practically giddy about the way gas prices have come tumbling down.

In the last 2 weeks they've dropped 35 cents.

"I was like 'I can't believe this! It was $3.40 at home in Pennsylvania," said Tom Bonjo of Pottstown, Pa. "I should have brought from gas cans with me!"

Bonjo usually pays about 75 bucks to fill up his truck. At the Valero in Magnolia it cost him under 60.

Several stations along the White Horse Pike in South Jersey are selling a gallon of regular for $2.73, a dollar less than it cost this summer.

Folks say that makes a big difference when it's time to gas up.

"I see people put in $5. It's unbelievable. Now they actually will be able to fill up their car!" said David Atias of Voorhees, New Jersey.

"Usually I fill up $20 every two days or something. Now I'm filling up $20 for every three days instead. Makes a huge difference," said Amy Dymowski of Northeast Philadelphia.

This weekend the Lundberg Survey, an independent market research company, reported a check of 5,000 gas stations nationwide showed the cheapest gas was in Kansas where regular was going for 2.79 a gallon.

But some South Jersey stations are beating that by over a nickel.

"I live in Cherry Hill and I drove over here because they have good prices on gas. Better than you can get over here," said Sharon Scanlon.

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