Matt O'Donnell talks to Senator Clinton

NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA - October 13, 2008 - "Everything I stand for, everything I fought for my whole life is at stake, and we've got to elect a Democratic president to get us on the right track," Sen. Clinton said.

The last time Clinton visited Philadelphia, she was still running for President.

Monday, she told a devoted audience that her former Democratic opponent is the best man for the job.

"We have to have a big turnout with enthusiasm and energy because Barack and Joe are for you, and that's why I'm for Barack and Joe," Sen. Clinton said.

Clinton trounced Senator Barack Obama in the Pennsylvania primary back in April, beating him by 10 points.

Obama has been trying to win over former Clinton supporters ever since she dropped out.

He has not won over Colleen Eads of Abington.

"His past scares me, and you can't erase your past," Eads said.

Monday's event was to help woo Jewish voters over to Obama. They handed out a position paper detailing Obama's support for Israel.

Polling has indicated soft Obama support from the Jewish community.

But the latest polls of Pennsylvania voters as a whole, have Obama leading Senator John McCain by at least a dozen points.

Republicans are still holding out hope they can pick up enough Hillary defectors, those skeptical of Obama, to win Pennsylvania. It's something they have not done in 20 years.

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