Phillies phever taking hold

PHILADELPHIA - October 14, 2008 - Wherever you go, the Phils are on everyone's minds.

Broad Street in Center City is sporting Phillies banners, and Action News even spotted a car festooned with red and white balloons. Inside was Kathleen Lovett of Haddon Twp. and her three grandchildren, all sporting their Phillies finery.

"I think we're going to go and I think a lot of it is the Phillies fans," Lovett said. "And I think everybody plays like a team. No big stars, everybody's a teammate."

The Phillies last made the trip to the fall classic in 1993, and fans still remember the disappointing loss to the Toronto Blue Jays.

This year, it seems, fans are cautiously optimistic. They don't want to jinx the team, but they're still pretty sure the 2008 Phils can get the job done.

"I'm scared. It's kind of bittersweet. I'd like to see them pull it out tomorrow night, but I'd also like to see them do it at home. But I'm afraid if we wait for them to get home then we're going to push it to seven," said Denise Forgrove of Washington Twp., New Jersey.

"I think everyone in Philadelphia is a bit concerned," said Charlie Shalet of South Philadelphia. "It's been a while since any one of our big sports teams had a championship, so we're all kind of superstitious in that sense."

Stores stocking Phillies merchandise are seeing the items fly off the shelves.

There was steady traffic at Forman Mills in South Philadlephia throughout the day Tuesday.

Shane Victorino jerseys are selling particularly well.

"He's been my favorite player for years, I know he's going to come through. He's going to win the MVP, might as well grab his jersey," said Joe DiDonato of South Philadelphia.

At the Modell's on Passayunk Avenue, Chris Fuscelliaro says he's proud of his favorite player. We asked him how much he plans on spending.

"About $120 to $150... It's Rollins." Fuscelliaro said.

There are even schools getting into the spirit and getting young students excited for Wednesday's game.

Ashley Teoval wanted her daughters to be in proper pep rally attire.

"They're extremely excited, we just came from school and we came right over to Modell's," Teoval said.

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