Special Phillies phan

WASHINGTON TWP., N.J. - October 14, 2008 - Chances are the Calvarese family remembers it a little more clearly.

After all it was the week their son was born.

"We were looking at Nicholas or Phillip, and my husband and sister who were there in the delivery room said 'Let's name him Phillip since the Phillies won the pennant.' And I said 'OK,' so that was a good choice," said mom Tish Calvarese.

So Phil it was, and ever since he was old enough to say 'You gotta believe,' Phil has surrounded himself with everything Phillies.

"I kind of just asked my mom if I could have wall paper of the Phillies stadium," Phil said. "My friends who are fortunate enough to go to the games get me rally towels, whatever it takes to be a good fan."

His mother even saved a newspaper with the headline "Phil-er-up" Naturally that has become Phil's nickname. But there's been one thing missing all these years.

A trip to the World Series.

Of course Phil doesn't exactly remember the '93 trip. He was a little busy being born.

"Every year it was like, 'Are the Phillies good enough to make it this year?' I've stayed with them through good and bad and this year is best for them, I could say, since I was born."

Not only do the Phillies look good this season, but if they win the NLCS on Wednesday, it will be on Phil's 15th birthday.

"It was a great time in history at that time and they say history repeats itself, so what better time to do it than on his 15th birthday?" said dad John Calvarese.

Phillip believes this year is going to be even better, because this year, he predicts the Phillies are going to win the World Series.

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