The "winning" intersection

MAYFAIR - October 15, 2008 "We're here to celebrate, it's a happy time, we just don't want things to get out of control," Captain Frank Bachmayer of the Philadelphia Police said.

To that end, police have been handing out a flyer at stores and bars in the neighborhood.

It warns shopkeepers to lower security barricades before they leave tonight.

It also asks bartenders to switch to plastic beer cups around game time, no bottles.

Reale's Sports Bar will pack them in at game time.

They'll have extra doormen and staff on hand to help keep things under control.

Police had a near riot on their hands in 2005.

Angry fans jammed the intersection when the Eagles lost the Super Bowl.

This time police are hoping the fans will be in a much happier mood.

"I think the difference between '05 and '08, we'll be winners this time; I think that will help us out a lot," Captain Bachmayer said.

Nonetheless, they are preparing for possible trouble.

They're moving temporary barricades into place.

They've notified the fire department and SEPTA that some of the streets in the area may have to be closed.

And they're bringing in extra personnel from around the city.

Police say they'll be enforcing the open container law, so, no booze out here on the street, just good clean fun. They're also keeping an eye on several other intersections around town including Cottman and Oxford, Broad and Oregon, and Broad and Snyder.

Let's hope we have something to celebrate tonight.

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