Man downs 20-pound mega burger

October 17, 2008 9:16:37 AM PDT
Brad Sciullo expects he'll have quite a burger hangover. He's the first person to eat a mountain of beef called the Beer Barrel Belly Bruiser.

It's a 15-pound burger served at Denny's Beer Barrel Pub, about 100 miles northeast of Pittsburgh in Clearfield, Pa. Add the bun, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onions, and other toppings and you have more than 20 pounds of mega-burger.

The 5-foot-11, 180-pound chef managed to down the monster meal in 4 hours and 39 minutes. He wins the restaurant's burger challenge by finishing under the five-hour limit. And he waddles away with more than a tummy ache.

Sciullo wins $400, three T-shirts and a certificate.