Sox or Rays?

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA - October 17. 2008 No one wants their team to head south, but that's where the Phillies will be going if the Tampa Bay Rays win Saturday night.

So, what do you like?

North or South?

Who do you want to see the Phils facing next week?

Sox or Rays?

"Sox, I think it would be a better series, I think it would be great," James Cornette of Pennsville, New Jersey said.

On the other hand, Chuck is hoping for the Rays.

"I'm hoping the inexperience of the team will be pressure on them for the World Series," Chuck Hickson of West Philadelphia said.

"I don't care we're going to beat them both," Christopher Blalock of Pennsauken, New Jersey said.

Talk about tough choices.

Ned Roberts of Center City wants the Red Sox, because he's a fan of both the Sox and the Phils.

And then there are the traditionalists, fans who like a series with history on the line.

"I think the Sox. I think the Sox, they have a good history...I'd like to see the Sox come out and of course, the Phillies are going to win," Don Pak of North Philadelphia said.

That is the bottom line after all.

Just bring them on Sox or Rays, Phillies can beat them both.

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