Meet the Phillies "Wiz Kid"

DOWNINGTOWN, Pa. - October 17, 2008 - When 2-year-old Lorelai Klinger learned the words to "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," her parents figured, why not teach her the players too!

Although little Lorelai couldn't say how old she was, she rattled off all sorts of Phillies facts with confidence and ease!

"Chase?" her mom, Shannon, asked. "Utley," Lorelai replied.

Shannon asked her daughter who played shortstop. "Jimmy Rollins" the pint-sized fan replied.

It doesn't end there. She knew Pedro Feliz plays third base, and Pat Burrell can be found in left field.

The impressive 26 month old comes from a long line of Phillies Fans.

"She came home from the hospital in a Phillies blanket and went to her first game when she was six weeks old!" said her mom, Shannon.

The Klinger's 6 month old twins Charlotte and William are also decked out in Phillies' finest, along with their extended family.

But it's Lorelai who's the real family cheerleader!

"She loves the Phils, loves watching baseball, she loves the whole thing," Shannon Klinger said.

Mom's not kidding. Lorelai's knowledge doesn't end with the players. Just ask her who the manager is.

"Charlie Manuel," said told us.

Then she added a "Go Phillies!" for good measure.

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