Generations of Phillies fans

AMBLER, Pa. - October 19, 2008 The Kearney family greeted Action News to their Ambler home with a rendition of Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

Their household Phillies connection stretches across five generations dating back to 65-year-old Tom Kearney III's father and grandfather.

His grandfather, the original Tom Kearney, saw the Athletics play in the 1929 World Series when Philadelphia had two teams.

Tom's dad and granddad introduced him to the game and the team early.

"There's a photograph here when I'm about a year and a half in summer 1941 with a little baseball cap on," Tom Kearny III said.

Since then, the Phillies season ticket holding family has had a Kearney at 4 of the 5 World Series involving the Phillies.

Tom Kearney IV and his son 15-year-old Tom the V are among the new generations now carrying on the tradition.

"Baseball means a lot to me. It's probably my favorite sport," Tom Kearney V said.

Their memorabilia highlights shared family moments in baseball including games at all of Philadelphia's stadiums, pitcher's mound dirt from Veteran Stadium, signed baseballs, and the family hall of fame visit.

"Baseball kind of ties us all together in a special way from season to season," Judy Kearney said.

Now, the Kearneys will share 12 World Series tickets spread throughout 3 home games.

"It is one of the most exciting times in the history of our family right now. With the exception of getting married and having our children, the Phillies being in the World Series. There's only one more thing that would get better if they win the World Series," Tom Kearney IV said.

The Kearneys will tune into tonight's game between Tampa Bay and the Red Sox but it doesn't really matter who wins. What they care about the winner will play their National League Champion Phillies.

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