Phillies CEO visits school

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa. - October 20, 2008 - The students were able to take some time off from their daily class schedule for a little pep rally led by the Philly Phanatic himself and Bill Giles... CEO and owner of the World Series Bound Phillies.

But with two days to go before "game one" what are Mr. Giles and the Phanatic doing here?

"Well, I have four grandchildren here and one of my three sons taught English here. So, I'm kind of connected to the Episcopal Academy," Giles said.

The young fans said the visit was almost as good as having tickets to the Series.

Almost, that is.

"It's my senior year and I think I have tickets. I know I have tickets but my dad may have given them away. Business before family I guess," said Senior Olivia Mullen.

Still, going to the games is less important than winning the game.

And the way 16 year old Ryan Martin figures things, the Phils have it in the bag.

"I think Kazmer and Shields are pitchers we can handle," Martin said.

Since the Episcopal Academy is one of the elite private schools in the region, it's important to note that these children did learn something.

They learned that the Phillies are going to win it in 6. That's the official prediction from Mr. Giles.

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