8th Grade Phillies vs. Teacher Rays

GLOUCESTER CITY, N.J. - October 22, 2008 The World Series got an early start Wednesday afternoon inside St. Mary's School of Gloucester in Gloucester City.

"Gloucester City, they're Phillies fans, they're Eagles fans, they always support the Philadelphia teams, they're always a very enthusiastic group, our kids love sports," Principal Gail Corey said.

That's why the faculty came up with the idea of holding a mock Game One to get the young Phillies fans ready for the real thing tonight.

"It was really fun, everybody has a lot of spirit, I think the Phillies are going to win," eighth grader Darby Thomson said.

As you'd imagine, everyone here agrees with that sentiment, even though some of the teachers, who showed up as the Tampa Rays, had some second thoughts after the fact.

"I know I'm going to fell it tomorrow," teacher Pat Rommelmann said.

There is good reason why the teachers got roughed up; it turns out the students had been scouting their competition.

The eighth grade "Phillies" defeated the Teacher "Rays" 7 to 1.

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