Palin's stylist was paid nearly twice as much as McCain foreign policy adviser

WASHINGTON - October 24, 2008 - But when it comes to spending on her behalf, the McCain campaign isn't pinching pennies.

According to campaign finance reports for the first half of this month, the campaign paid $22,800 to a celebrity makeup artist who has been Palin's traveling stylist.

By comparison, McCain's foreign policy adviser was paid $12,500.

The stylist is Amy Strozzi, who works on the reality show "So You Think You Can Dance."

In recent days, the Republican National committee has come under scrutiny for spending about $150,000 in September on wardrobe and cosmetics after Palin joined the ticket.

Palin told Fox news that the clothing purchased for the Republican National Convention wasn't worth $150,000, and that most of it hasn't left her campaign plane.

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