Eye on the prize - up close

CENTER CITY - October 24, 2008 Mayor Michael Nutter was the first to lift the trophy after it arrived for display at City Hall.

He's now trying to decide if his mayoral powers give him the ability to impound the trophy and keep it here.

"As they say, possession is nine-tenths of the law, that trophy is not going anywhere, it's staying right here in Philadelphia," Mayor Nutter said.

But, that, of course, is really up to the team.

The mayor posed with a special Phillies fan, police officer Rick Bowes.

He was injured in the shootout with the suspect who killed Officer Patrick McDonald last month.

Then, it was open to the public, as fans lined up to get their pictures taken with the trophy and the Mayor who won't let it out of his sight.

Jim Dolga of King of Prussia was the first in line.

"I figure I'll touch it before the players do when they win it," Dolga said.

Some fans like Mike and Nick Diehl turned it into a family affair.

The trophy was on display for four hours under tight security, protecting it from fans like Cecelia Driscoll.

"That's here to stay, it's not going anyplace else," Driscoll said.

It's all, as Cecilia said, for the city.

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