Morbid mascot fun for Halloween

MILL CREEK, Del. - October 26, 2008 Once inside this Mill Creek, Delaware house visitors can't help but wonder what in the devil is going on? After all... the living room is filled with the dead (dead looking that is) - each one a frightful sight. All of them handmade by a man who hopes people find his work utterly horrifying.

Jaime Di Stafano tells us, "The more a corpse decays, the less it looks like the person was, so it's not going to look good no matter what you do... I mean you don't want it to look good."

Jaime Di Stefano makes corpses in his spare time... a hobby that has grown into a creepy career.

Di Stefano first made a corpse for himself one Halloween, only to discover people would actually pay him to create one for them.

"You basically just make a lot of decay out of liquid latex and paint it to look like real decay... and it works," explains Di Stefano.

From beginning to end, creating a corpse takes about 3 weeks. So, if you're dying to have one for this Halloween you're out of luck. But Di Stefano does rent them - 65 dollars for a night, 195 dollars for the week. And if you want a dead man for keeps after Halloween, a male sells for $545 and a woman for $595.

To explain the increased price for women, Di Stefano tells us, "There's a little more to the chest and the legs... have to be more detailed." And every woman needs jewelry, and don't forget her nails.

All details Di Stefano has even outlined in a how to book

Aside from creepy corpses Di Stefano also makes unusual party props... like a "finger-tini" martini.

From drinks with fingers in them, to full corpses or just plain dead heads Di Stefano features them all on his website.

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