"We won't be ignored anymore," says sports psychologist-Philadelphia news

PHILADELPHIA, PA.; October 27, 2008

"Philadelphia has been ignored. We will not be ignored anymore," says Dr. Rosenberg of the potential impact.

He is all too familiar with the long drought of pro sports titles in this town. He is a psychologist who has been a motivational therapist with many professional and amateur sports teams, including the Philadelphia Flyers when they came oh-so-close to a Stanley Cup victory in the 1980s.

Dr. Rosenberg says a win would give residents pride in their community, which can translate into a rosier business environment. Dr. Rosenberg says Philadelphia will be taken seriously, and could break the perception of Philadelphia as a city which can't close the big deal.

He says this is a very superstitious city, where many believed that breaking the long-standing law against buildings higher than William Penn's hat atop Philadelphia City Hall created a curse on the local sports teams. "It's important to break that superstition, and realize it was just that - superstition," says Dr. Rosenberg.

He says Philadelphia will lose some of its underdog nature if the Phils win, but that would have big positive benefits.

And he predicts Madison Avenue will take notice if the Phillies clinch the World Series.

"Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels, Brad Lidge, even Charlie Manuel" could end up as pitchmen for products, according to Dr. Rosenberg.

Charlie Manuel? Yes, says Dr. Rosenberg. "Manuel has a kind of father figure appeal," and as he dealt with the death of his mother during the National League Championship Series, Manuel was a shining example of how to overcome adversity. Dr. Rosenberg notes that Manuel spoke with his mother every day, and that she was as interested in the team's daily travails as any coach.

He says the Phillies could become a major sports franchise, in the style of the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox. "Their never-give-up nature has a lot of appeal," says Dr. Rosenberg. He notes that Eagles merchandise is the third best-selling in the NFL, and they haven't won a Super Bowl.

"Can you imagine what will happen with Phillies items if they do win!" he says.

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