Former Phils root for the '08 team

PHILADELPHIA - October 27, 2008 - Greg, "The Bull" Luzinski spent most of his career as a left-fielder with the Phillies.

A fan favorite, he's got his own formula for why the Phils should win it all this year.

"We won it in '80, and now it's '08. So, maybe there's something synonomous with that. Hopefully there is!" Luzinski said.

Larry Christenson was the starting pitcher for the Phillies in game 4 of the 80' World Series, but didn't make it past the first inning.

He says what happened in game six of the 1980 World Series was meant to be.

"Tug gets away with that fast ball down the middle to Willie Wilson with the bases loaded. It could have been a grand slam, could have been a disappointment, but he swung and he missed and we win the World Series!"

Greg Gross, born in York, Pa., is now the hitting coach for the Lehigh Valley IronPigs.

He feels good about the Phils because, he says, the team has matured.

"I think the maturity level of people like Jimmy Rollins, Pat being around quite a while, the emergence of Ryan Howard."

Gross also fights emotion when he thinks of the 1980 parade, his fondest memory as a Phillie.

"You have more than a million people on the streets and at JFK at that time. Everybody's got a smile on their face. That doesn't happen every day!" Gross said.

And Gross, Christenson and Luzinski are all hopeful, and boldly optimistic, there will be another parade in Philadelphia this year.

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