Police prepare for a Phillies win

PHILADELPHIA - October 27, 2008 - "Several staging areas and command posts throughout the city where people will be available and ready to deploy at a moment's notice," said Dept. Comm. Richard Ross.

Officials say they're working with a delicate balance. On one hand, they want to give people plenty of room to celebrate. Police also want people to know that plenty of officers are in reserve in case things get out of hand.

Cottman and Frankford are a traditional gathering spot for sports celebrations.

If there is a Phillies win, authorities will use wooden barricades to close off the big Mayfair intersection from traffic.

"There will be a lot of people out here with their kids and everything else, so we want to make sure there's a safe environment," said Insp. John Heath of the Philadelphia Police.

But some worry, inside a happy sprawling crowd, there could be stupid people willing to do dangerous things.

Gary Hutchinson was at the gathering after the Phils won the National League pennant.

"I brought my daughter up briefly, about 15 minutes, and then left," Hutchinson said. "It was getting a little wild, there were bottles thrown."

Police say they will quickly move on trouble makers.

"Obviously anybody breaking the law to the extent that you're vandalizing property or assaulting people or assaulting police officers, we're not going to tolerate that, " Ross said.

Mayor Michael Nutter also has advice for celebrating:

"Be joyful and enthusiastic, but don't do anything stupid," Mayor Nutter said. "It's going to get you in trouble."

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