Explaining the Game 5 suspension

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA - October 28, 2008 - Those questions include the timing of that decision.

The delay was called under Major League Baseball's Rule 4.12A Section 6 that allows for a long-term suspension in a tie game.

If you're wondering if the suspension could have come earlier, while the Phillies were leading and thereby giving them a win and the championship?

Commissioner Bud Selig that wouldn't have happened, saying he would not have allowed a shortened game to decide the World Series.

He says he would have used his descretion and ordered a similar delay.

"And that rain delay would have lasted until, weather permitting, we could resume the game, if it had been a day or two or three of whatever," Selig said.

Whenever Game 5 resumes, Monday night's tickets will be honored. Ditto if you have a Monday night parking pass.

If you lost your pass or ticket, you are out of luck. However, should your ticket be water damaged, bring it. The Phillies say they will try to help if possible.

"We want to make sure everyone gets in the game. It's a three inning game, so we don't want people to miss time so come down early and we will take care of it," said John Weber of the Phillies.

And speaking of tickets, believe it or not, there is a market to see those last innings. At Stub Hub, the sellers are people who can't make it to the rest of the game.

John Lesser, of Stub Hub, says people "Would like to sell ticket stubs that are valid for a entry for remainder of the game."

Rain has postponed the World Series 22 times in history.

The longest rain-delay was in Philadelphia back in 1911, but it was the Philadelphia A's, not the Phillies, that had to wait 6 days for the rain to stop.

The A's won that series.

The most severe interruption to a World Series was in 1989, when an earthquake rocked northern California leading to a 10-day break in action.

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