6abc Franklin Marshall College Poll released

October 29, 2008

You can see the entire Franklin & Marshall poll by Clicking Here.

As it stands, Obama now has a 12 point lead over McCain. The Senator from Illinois leads the Arizona Senator 51 percent to 39 percent among registered voters in Pennsylvania. Obama does even better among younger residents, non-whites, college graduates, and women.

McCain is favored among Protestants, and fundamentalist Christians. McCain also has a narrow lead over Obama among working class voters, 49 to 43 percent and among white men, 47 to 43 percent but those leads have shrunk since September.

Terry Madonna from Franklin and Marshall College tells us, "This election has stabilized in the last couple of weeks. Senator McCain needs a major break through if he wants to win the state's 21 electoral votes."

The economy is still issue number 1 for most Pennsylvanians and 52 percent believe Obama is the most able to handle the economy compared to McCain's 37 percent. But only 31 percent believe Obama has the experience to be president, while 57 believe McCain has the necessary experience to lead the country.

Senator McCain has been using that against him and it is something voters are concerned about.

McCain is still struggling to separate himself from President Bush, who has a historically low approval rating. Half of registered adults believe that McCain will mostly continue the economic policies and foreign policies of Bush. However, more Democrats believe this is true than Republicans.

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