Fans await win and championship gear - Philadelphia News

NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA - October 29, 2008 Everything from hats to clothes, even Phillies clocks and chairs, but we know what you really want.. You want gear that says World Series Champions.

If the Phillies do win tonight, you won't have to wait long to get your hands on that kind of merchandise because a sign from Modell's says "In the event the Phillies win the world Series tonight, we will reopen immediately after the game with Championship merchandise ready for purchase."

"You want to be able to get your hands on those championship t-shirts as soon as possible," Modell's manager Derrick Morgan said.

It's not just sporting goods stores cheering this profitable chase for a championship. Businesses all across the Delaware Valley are seeing Phillies red turn into green and gold!

"We've been doing a lot of trays, sandwich trays, wrap trays, fruit trays," Dominick DeSimone of Moe's Deli said.

If the Phillies win tonight and you don't want to come to the stores right after the game, not to worry, all Modell's stores will open tomorrow at 5 a.m.

Again, that's if the Phillies win Game 5.

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