Metal bar just misses driver

LANCASTER, Pa. (AP) - October 31, 2008

Dennis Klingseisen, of East Hempfield Township, was uninjured when a battered yard-long piece of metal pierced his windshield as he drove home on Interstate 83 in York County from his job in Baltimore on Tuesday afternoon.

The 42-year-old Klingseisen saw drivers in front of him swerving, and then saw something cartwheeling through the air. Seconds later, the 4-inch-wide metal bar broke through his windshield, struck his steering wheel and landed on his dashboard.

One witness says the bar was sticking out of Klingseisen's windshield like a chimney.

Klingseisen says the episode seemed surreal. He says on his ride to work the next day, the incident was on his mind the entire trip.

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