McCain, Obama pushing for battleground votes

CHICAGO - November 2, 2008 Obama is trying to peel away traditionally Republican states from McCain's column, and McCain is trying to prove he can turn his luck around just one more time. Saturday night, the Arizona senator made an appearance on Saturday Night Live.

"Look, would I rather be on network television...but I'm a true maverick...I'm a Republican without money!," the senator said during his SNL appearance.

McCain poked fun at himself on SNL, appearing next to Sarah Palin-look-a-like Tina Fey in the show's opening sketch. Under the guise of an appearance on shopping network QVC, the candidate made light of his lack of campaign funds while hawking products like commemorative plates of his non-existent town hall meetings with Barack Obama.

"They're blank...he wouldn't agree to those debates. Too bad. They're still nice plates," McCain said.

McCain's SNL appearance came at the end of a very busy day for the senator, who is trying to stop Barack Obama from turning traditionally red states blue. On the campaign trail in Springfield, Virginia, mccain made it very clear.

"We need to win Virginia next Tuesday, and we can win, and with your help we will win," McCain said.

Meanwhile, Obama was hunting for votes one last time in Nevada Saturday, a state which is also traditionally Republican. Addressing an estimated 15,000 supporters, his biggest battle in the remaining 72 hours is to ask his supporters not to take victory for granted. When the Illinois senator mentioned John McCain's name, the crowd gathered in Nevada began to 'boo.' Obama responded:

"No, no, no. You don't need to boo. You need to vote!"

As in previous presidential campaigns, the weekend before the election couldn't go by without a last-minute revelation. News broke that an Obama aunt, living in Boston, is in the country illegally.

The Obama campaign released a statement indicating that Senator Obama has bot been in touch with his aunt in several years, and he did not know about his her status in the United States. The statement also says Senator Obama believes the appropriate laws should be followed.

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