Kids cast their ballots

CHERRY HILL, NJ - November 3, 2008 - Action News caught up with Colleen Ronkowski as she helped her 4 year old son Brayden vote in a mock election at the Garden State Discovery Museum.

He cast a ballot for John McCain.

Proving you're never too young to learn about politics, 3 year old Emma McMullen climbs on the step stool to cast her vote.

When asked who she thought would win, Emma predicted the victory would go to Barack Obama.

This activity for the children came as candidates battle complacency and encourage everyone to go to the polls.

8-year-old Marissa Cama already seems to know that.

"You can hurry up and vote instead of saying no," Marissa said.

After all, the stakes are high. What does Marissa think will happen after this election?

"There will be more peace and harmony," she said.

The museum poll also allows kids to vote for favorite pizza topping, best ways to recycle and what they do with their allowance.

As for the presidential election, it seemed Barack Obama was leading by 1 vote.

However, museum officials say they tallied up more votes for "favorite ice cream" than for president.

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