What to expect at the polls

PLYMOUTH TWP., Pa. - November 3, 2008 - So it may be helpful to bust several myths and make the facts clear about what voters should expect.

There is just one election day ahead for all voters, whether Democrat, Republican or independent.

That day is Tuesday, November 4th.

For people with a criminal past, it's important to know that convicted felons in Delaware often do lose the right to vote. In New Jersey, that right is restored once all time, including parole and probation, is served. In Pennsylvania, only people still in prison are barred from voting.

First time voters are urged to bring identification, and while not mandated by law, the non-partisan election watchdog organization, Committee of 70, suggests all voters bring id to the polls to avoid problems.

On the issue of whether voters can wear candidate logos into the polls, Pennsylvania law allows it as long as the logos are not used to silently campaign for a candidate.

"In Philadelphia, the city officials are saying if you don't try to sell your candidate inside the polls, if you happen to be wearing a t-shirt or a button, that's OK. In some of the counties, they're taking a harder line on this," said Zach Stalberg with the Committee of 70.

In Montgomery County, where more voting machines are in place to help handle 30,000 newly registered voters, some partisan clothing is allowed and some is not.

"If you're wearing clothing that is from one of the candidates or any party, you will be allowed to vote. You don't have to cover or anything. But if you're wearing a hat or a button, you'll have to take those things off," said Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce Castor.

No matter where you cast your vote, if you have problems at the polls, ask for and fill out a provisional ballot. Then contact your county's election commission or the Committee of 70 to report the problem.

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