Online personal shoppers

November 4, 2008

Searching for sales on individual websites can take hours and sometimes retailers are out of your size or out of stock completely so we have found some FREE services that will save you time and money.

Elizabeth Renn saves hundreds and hundreds of dollars on clothes, shoes, and accessories.

"This is a juicy couture track jacket. It was $98 and I got it for $29."

The site is called Shop It to

"It's my favorite website right now. It's kind of like an online personal shopper," Renn said.

Shop It to Me has a list of more than 500 brands all you do is pick the ones you like as well as the kind of merchandise you're looking for then specify your sizes. Shop It to Me will search cyberspace for sales that match your request then email you what it finds daily or just once weekly depending on your preference.

"There's really no reason to pay full price anymore because you could have your eye on something and as soon as it goes on sale in your size you'll know about it that morning."

You buy directly from the retailer by clicking through the Shop It to Me email.

"You can find a Catherine Malandrino dress here, regularly $295. We found this for the steal of $70."

Charlie Graham founded Shop It to Me and said the average discount the service finds is 42-percent off regular prices and he said, "we've now grown large enough that for some of our retailers we have exclusive sales. So we have sales in our email that you cannot find anywhere else." Plus he continued, "With all of our partnerships, because we have these relationships with these retailers, we know all the different deals and coupons that go with it."

If you're looking for sales on items other than clothes and accessories check out Deal Alerter.

That's a personal shopper for all kinds of merchandise including toys, sporting goods, and video games! It works a lot like Shop It to Me you tell Deal Alerter what you're looking for and how much you're willing to pay by setting up a Price Alert. Then the website will notify you when it finds that item in your preferred price range.

"From a convenience standpoint, it's fantastic and then from a bargain standpoint, you can save hundreds and hundreds of dollars."

The experts at Shop It to Me have analyzed all their sales data and figured out the best days of the week to find great bargains. They said that if you shop on Thursdays and Fridays you'll find the highest number of new items on sale at the biggest discounts.

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