The young, very young, voters

GLENOLDEN, Pa. - November 5, 2008 It will be years before they vote these kids vote at a true polling station, but the first through fifth graders at the Walter M. Senko Elementary School in Glenolden have cast their ballots and they have learned a wealth of information about the election process.

The entire school held a mock election, after spending weeks studying the election process.

"You have to vote for what you believe in, not what other people say," fifth grader Alexander Doe said.

They learned to accept those who don't agree with them.

"You should respect them because if a person did that to you, you would just get mad and angry," fifth grader Tyrell White said.

The fifth graders organized the election.

Danielle Pierre, a John McCain supporter, presented a paper on the subject.

Michelle Hua designed the registration cards.

Their teacher showed them how to cast their ballots.

Obama won, 187 to 22.

"Obama took cell phones, text messaged people, and e-mailed people about voting for him," fifth grader Sadquer Rahman said.

"More people will come to America and know how we welcome them, how we make them comfortable," fifth grader Andranae Davis said.

"He doesn't set up war and I don't like war," fifth grader Tsugu Izumi said.

They designed a wall outside their classroom, imagining themselves in the White House in the future.

One boy learned enough to make him change his mind about his vote.

"If I vote for McCain, it would be the same, and I want change, so I vote for Obama," fifth grader Tarre Hinton said.

The school principle, Mary Cedrone, told Action News that public school has a responsibility to not only teach children academic skills, but to also educate them about the workings of a democracy.

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