Suburban reaction to Obama win

QUAKERTOWN, Pa. - November 5, 2008 - Still, despite such support, Action News still found plenty of people who are still in awe of the fact that the United States President-elect is African-American.

"This is really absolutely incredible," said Rachel Dennis of Lambertville, N.J. "It's definitely history-making."

"You know, like my parent's generation, there's no way that would have ever come close to happening," said Pat McGarvey of Haycock Twp., Pa.

"I've never been prejudiced, and I don't care who he was. His thoughts are with the country, and I think he'll do good for the country," said Alysa Geneviva of Harleysville.

And that sentiment was emphatically expressed by the people we spoke to who voted for Obama, saying they didn't vote for the black candidate.

They voted for the person they believed to be the better candidate.

And that works just fine for pastor Raymond Brown of Pennsbury.

"Not going with color, but whatever you do, do right, whether your'e black, green, blue, white, whatever. Do good for the people, not for yourself," Brown said.

Another person we spoke to said this new chapter in American history reminds her of an old saying: "In the end, there are only two races on Earth. The indecent and the decent.

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