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Bad Credit Hotel

It may look like an old horror movie or maybe a murder mystery with its grainy film feel and creepy organ music, but controlyourcredit.gov actually an instructional interactive game called the bad credit hotel, intended to help you through the credit crisis.

The front desk clerk there guides you through different stages of the game, each offering different credit advice. It gives you tips on how to deal with collectors and maintain a good credit score. A fun way to face a not so fun topic head on.

Making Green Easy Being green isn't easy and it doesn't have to be extraordinarily difficult either. Idealbite.com is a site that helps busy people take the first steps to going green. The site offers advice on how you can make subtle changes to help the environment. It makes the transition into a green-conscious lifestyle a little easier.

Main Line Mania As the late fall and early winter months approach, you may need some help finding some things to do around the area or even around your home. Aroundmainline.com may be the guide for you. This new online magazine highlights local traditions, recipes and day trips to help residents take full advantage of area culture. You can also read about the lives and experiences of your neighbors and connect with the community by learning about the goals of local organizations.

YouTube for Youth Yes that's Elmo, Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus. The friendly Sesame Street gang can all be found on www.totlol.com. This is a kid-friendly alternative to YouTube. It's a great site because, of course, kids are surfing the Internet earlier and earlier and parents can be assured that to only find G rated videos. It's monitored by the community and grows thanks to parent screened and submitted videos.

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