Call For Action success stories

November 7, 2008 Our Call for Action volunteers have taken on more than a thousand cases this year and since January, they've helped consumers get back more than $2,200,000 in refunds, goods, and services.

Here are a couple of C-F-A's success stories:

Wendy Minakowski had a scary and potentially costly experience with her four-year-old car.

"We were driving on the turnpike and the screws and bolts came out from the timing module; it all fell down and ruined the engine and I was faced with a $12,000 repair bill," Minakowski said.

Wendy says the automaker refused to pay for the repairs.

So after months of wrangling and exhausting other resources, Wendy asked one of our Call for Action volunteers for help.

" And within a matter of days, she was able to get me two-thirds of the cost of repairing the car. I was so happy. I was really excited and I was just thrilled she was able to accomplish something like that in a matter of days," Minakowski said.

Beth Zanni paid a tree trimming company $1,500 to remove three trees from her yard.

"He came out and they did cut the trees down, but they left the stumps," Zanni of Vineland said.

Beth says the contract clearly stated the stumps should be removed so she kept calling the company to finish the job, but no one ever did.

"I was quite angered, too, especially when the job was paid in full," Zanni said.

So Beth contacted Call for Action.

"And finally they did come out and take the stumps out," Zanni said.

If you have a consumer issue, call 1-866-WPVI-CFA or email C-F-A

If you can volunteer for the hotline, call 215-581-5745.

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