'Akeelah' star Keke Palmer's new role: style maven

LOS ANGELES (AP) - November 9, 2008 Now teen actress Keke Palmer can add fashionista to her repertoire.

As the star of "True Jackson, VP," she plays a 15-year-old fashion maven who, to the chagrin of her older co-workers, lands a job as head of a major label's youth division.

The series suddenly has Palmer paying attention to labels and designers.

"Before, I was just like, 'Anything that looks good, throw it on,"' she laughed.

Although still not a fashion expert, the 15-year-old says she otherwise isn't that different from her character.

"She's a lot like me," she says of True Jackson. "She's persistent and hardworking and doing an adult job at a young age."

The show makes it debut Saturday on the Nickelodeon cable network.

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